Online Membership Application

In case of online membership application, please duly fill the online form, then download and print in duplicate, sign stamp, follow the procedures given below and submit to AWCCI office with regular payment. Proprietorship Written application on firm’s letterhead addressed to secretary general AWCCI for grant of membership. Completely filled in membership form, duly proposed and seconded by two valid members whose representative should be different from each other and the applicant company. Completely filled in Signature / Identity Card. Photocopy of C.N.I.C of the proprietor. Photocopy of National Tax Number (NTN) certificate of proprietor as a business individual. Photocopy of Sales-Tax Registration number certificate (if applicable). Original bank certificate in the name of business title applied for membership. Partnership Concern A written application on firm/company’s letterhead addressed to Secretary General AWCCI for grant of membership. Private Limited or Limited Company A written application on company’s letterhead addressed to the Secretary General AWCCI for grant of membership.